Engineered Stone

Engineered Quartz

Engineered Quartz is a composite blend of quartz, advanced polymer resins, and colorfast pigments. This process leads to a versatile color palette; complimenting both contemporary and traditional styles. Combined with outstanding warranties, these easy to maintain stone alternatives are rapidly growing in popularity. Most colors of Engineered Quartz are available in 2CM (Approx. 0.75in) and 3cm (Approx. 1.25in) thickness. Pricing for engineered stone, much like natural stone, varies greatly among brands and colors. Keystone Granite offers engineered stone solutions starting from $48 SF.

Engineered Marble

Engineered Marble is a blend of natural marble aggregate mixed with thermoset polyester resin in a high-pressure environment. The resulting material is ideally suited to interior environments and makes it easy to achieve a unified look across countertops, tile floors, wall cladding and mosaics. Keystone Granite uses Verona Marble Company as the main supplier of Engineered Marble.

Engineered Manufacturers

  • CaesarstoneOpen or Close
    Caesarstone is an engineered quartz brand based out of California that is fast growing to be one of the most popular on the market with architects, engineers, and homeowners. Caesarstone is available in many colors and includes honed, polished, and textured finishes. For more information or to view colors, visit the Caesarstone Website.

    Caesarstone also has a line of semi-precious luxury countertops called Concetto. More information can be found on the Concetto by Caesarstone Website.

  • SilestoneOpen or Close
    Silestone by the Cosentino Group is the worlds leading natural quartz surface. Available in a multitude of colors ranging from earthy browns to stellar reds and greens. Silestone is also available in textured, honed, or polished surfaces. For more information or to view colors, visit the Silestone Website.
  • RadianzOpen or Close
    Radianz is Samsung’s newest addition to their Staron worktop range of surfaces and their first entry into the Engineered Quartz Market. Structurally and chemically similar to other quartz products, Radianz brings more colors and more choice to the consumers. For more information or to view colors, visit the Samsung Radianz Website.
  • CambriaOpen or Close
    Cambria is an Engineered Quartz Surface manufactured in Le Sueur, Minnesota. With over 90 exquisite and dazzling colors, Cambria is sure to add value and push the boundaries between natural and engineered stone surfaces. For more information or to view colors, visit the Cambria Website.
  • ViateraOpen or Close
    LG Hausys Viatera is a line of Engineered Quartz manufactured by the chemical division of LG, LG Hausys. They are relative new-comers to the field but have been quickly expanding their available colors in recent years. For more information or to view colors, visit the LG Hausys Viatera Website.
  • HanstoneOpen or Close
    Hanstone is an Engineered Quartz Surface provided by Hanwha Surfaces which is manufactured in Canada. Offering over 40 unique colors, Hanstone provides the consumers with more choices so they can find exactly what they want in their countertops. For more information or to view colors, visit the Hanwha Surfaces: Hanstone Website.
  • LegacyOpen or Close
    Verona Marble Company based out of Italy with US headquarters in Dallas, Texas is another supplier we use for engineered quartz. Their legacy line lists nine (9) colors, but they have over 50 more that are available on special order including textured surfaces such as Verona Trafficstone Wave. For more information or to view colors, visit the Verona Marble Company Website.